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Sep 22, 2013

Most of us may think that webpages are designed using only computers. But no, there's a way for peoples like me who do not have their own Pc.(lol) Using the following method you can write html, css and some basic javascripting languages which enables you to preview your webpage before you post it, to enjoy and test your skill of designing a webpage in a simple and elementary method using mobile phones on your hand.


1. Text file (a file having file extension of .txt) in your mobile.
2. Download Mini commander- A text editor application which enables you to edit and change the extension of the .txt file to .html, .css or .js

Steps to create html using mobiles

Assuming you already have both, text file and mini commander it is going to be like playing a game for you to start writting the codes.

1. Open mini commander and allow the application to acces your local files

2. Locate to the text file (.txt) from the application.

3. Click number 4 from your mobile keypad which is equivalent to clicking edit from notepad, allows you to edit txt file.(Don't forget to allowing acces the application.)

4. Write some html codes in the text field and the save it.

5. Click number 9 and rename the file you edited.
Example: if the file name of the text you edited was "use.txt" then change it to "use.html" (without quotes) and exit application.

If your phone supports html, then go to the folder where use.html is found and open it SUPRISE !! you did it.

I think html is supported by many mobile phones including my old Nokia 2700c.


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